Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT

Microsoft Surface

Our friends at Microsoft have finally come out with their own series of tablets known as Microsoft surface. The surface comes in two kinds – Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. Recently the company has created a new Surface RT and Surface Pro which has recently been made available for purchase. These two tablets look […]

Apple's iPad 4th Generation

iPad 4th Generation

The latest Apple iPad is the 4th generation. It’s basically has the same features with the earlier versions the only difference is that it is newly upgraded. The Apple iPad 4th Generation tablet has the following features; It has an A6X processor with a dual core ARM based processor with quad-core graphics. Has a built-in […]

Google Nexus 7 - A Quick View

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the latest 4.2 Android operating system. It has 3 different version that are mainly differentiated by the memory space. They include: 8GB version which goes for $199 16GB version which goes for$249 32GB version with HSPA+ goes for $299 When the Google Nexus 7 was launched three other major tablets […]

Acer Iconia W510 - A Quick View

Acer Iconia W510

This is an Atom-based hybrid that has a detachable screen that formulates a tablet. Compared to other hybrids it’s cheaper. The Acer Iconia W510 consist of the following features: A 64GB SSD hard drive with about half that space free after the operating system and software have been installed. The tablet half has connections which […]


Best Domain Name Registrars

A domain name is the magic that turns a domain name registration  raw IP address like  into a human-friendly chunk of text like In the real life its really hard to remember IP numbers like for different websites, due to this reason domain names are used to point a simple text to specif IP […]


Top Domain Name Registry Service

A domain name registry is a database of all domain names registered in a top-level domain or second-level domain extension. A domain name registration service operator, also called a network information center (NIC), is the part of the DNS of the Internet that keeps the database of domain names, and generates the zone files which convert […]


Free Top Fonts For Logo Design

Free Top Fonts For Logo Design Today’s article is a treat for our users as we went out and had cFree Top Fonts For Logo Design hit chat with many designers to suggest us some really awesome fonts that designers should have in their library.Free Top Fonts For Logo Design  After many days of chatting and emailing […]


How to Shoot Panoramas

How to Shoot Panoramas What happens when you come across a gorgeous scene — the Golden Gate bridge at sunset, How to Shoot Panoramas the Manhattan skyline at dawn, the crystal-clear island beach, the magnificent Old Port architecture, the rally that’s filling the campus. You can still take a photo, or several photos, of part of […]


PSD to HTML Tutorial

PSD to HTML Tutorial Howdy, folks! In this PSD to HTML tutorial you will learn how to cPSD to HTML Tutorial ode the PSD to HTML Tutorial Quick and Easy Stylish Design Agency Landing Page In Adobe Photoshop.PSD to HTML Tutorial  I’m not really into coding, more of a design person and this is my first coding tutorial. I […]


How to Make a Kite

1.) How to Make a Kite Get a piece of paper (any color), How to Make a Kite and cut a diamond shape from it. Sometimes it is better if you tape four pieces together. How to Make a Kite But you have to tape them together the right way. How to Make a Kite Tape two together, then […]

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